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Service Department

JOB Rentals is known for equipment rentals and sales, but did you know we also have an exceptional service department? JOB Rentals and Sales operates a full service shop facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana. We have experienced heavy equipment repair mechanics and technicians dedicated to the maintenance and repair of your equipment fleet. Our goal is to respond quickly and get the job done right to keep you productive and on budget.

24/7 On Call Service   •   Scheduled Maintenance and Repairs   •   Free estimates

Preventative Maintenance
JOB Rentals can perform regular maintenance services for your equipment at your facility or on the job site. Our mobile fluids service skid mounted on a service truck can access equipment where you need it. Our 400 hour maintenance is quick, easy and clean, so you can be back in production. Fluids samples can be pulled and tested to analyze your equipment for parts wear and preventative maintenance.

Hydraulic Systems and Attachments
JOB Rentals has the capability to analyze hydraulic systems and adjust or repair hydraulic components. We regularly flow hydraulic systems for proper pressure and ranges. JOB Rentals has the expertise to install hydraulic plumbing for excavators and other equipment to allow hydraulic attachments such as thumbs, compactors and hammers.

Field Service
JOB Rentals operates service trucks in the Metropolitan Louisville and Southern Indiana areas. Our service trucks are equipped with cranes and compressors to perform necessary equipment repairs in the field. JOB Rentals takes pride in our responsiveness and ability to get your equipment back into production.

Heavy Equipment Repair
The JOB Rentals service team regularly maintains over 70 pieces of heavy construction equipment that make up the company rental fleet. We use up to date diagnostics to analyze and perform engine repair, hydraulic systems, final drives and undercarriage systems.

Hydraulic Hammer Repairs
JOB Rentals is a certified Allied Hammer representative; we sell new equipment, repair hammers and operate a fleet of rental hammers. Our service team is experienced in repairing and maintaining all types of hammers. We perform regular tune-up activities, and basic repairs, as well as total rebuilds.